Should I change my dining room?


Most people don’t know where to begin refurnishing their dining room, yet it’s one of the most favourite rooms in your home. Great memories are often made in the dining room. Sharing good food with loved ones and conversation is one of life’s many pleasures.


If you have a large family and enjoy entertaining guests, the dining room will probably be a focal point in your home, in some houses your dining room will be an extension of your kitchen.


It’s therefore key to make sure it is comfortable and functional. A dining room should be a warm, welcoming, feel-good space that people can spend hours in. Whether you like to embrace the sleek, modern style, or prefer to stick to traditional, classical designs, we have plenty suitable dining room design ideas to help you create a dining room which will suite your tastes and requirements.

Contact Scribbels Interiors in St Francis Bay for the Re-Design of your Dining Room.  Tel.042 294 0027  or e-mail us:

Author: Scribbels Interiors & Design

We are Interior Decorators and Designers working nation wide. We have a showroom in St. Francis Bay and have been involved with decorating for the past 32 years. Our qualified personnel can help you plan and furnish each room in your home. This service can be supplied to a budget specified by you.

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