Choosing fabrics is a big part of any interior decor & design project.


Fabrics work double-duty in any design project. You don’t only consider the look of the material, but also the feel and durability. After all, you will be touching most items you cover in fabric, and you don’t want a texture that leaves guests mumbling that they’re more comfortable standing than sitting on your beautiful but impractical sofa.


Obviously, delicate fabrics are not the best choice for high-use furniture. Fortunately, when you’re decorating in the style of a particular period, those styles typically include fabrics that stand up to time in both beauty and quality.


Choosing fabrics is a big part of any interior decorating project. You’ll need textilesIMG_4193_smlYou’ll need textiles for your rugs, your furniture upholstery, and your curtains. And, when you want high-end style, it helps to know which fabrics complement the time period you are trying to evoke.

Gauging Look and Feel

One unfortunate trend in modern textiles is mass production that lends itself to cheaper quality. The result is fabric that looks quite similar to traditional textiles but that will not stand up to use as well as their ancestors. This is why it’s so important to be informed about fabric quality and to work with a well-respected professional.


Thread count—  This number indicates how tightly the fabric is woven. In general, higher thread counts mean higher quality, longer-lasting materials. Of course, you’ll need to take into consideration the type of fabric, since thread count varies between, for instance, silk and cotton. And, some fabrics, like leather, do not have a thread count at all.

Materials—  You’ll find many look-alikes in the world of synthetic fabrics, but natural textiles are where true luxury lies. Natural fibres generally have both a better look and feel. Additionally, when decorating in period style, natural fibres provide a more authentic finish.

Feel—  Touch every fabric you are considering buying. If you can’t touch it first, then don’t get it. Remember, you will likely be touching this material often, whether it is for curtains or furniture, or sinking your bare feet into a lush rug. Even if the material will be used for a less frequented room in your house, you don’t want to enter a luxuriously designed room, sit down, and find the material unpleasant.

At Scribbels Interiors we source the best fabrics in the world for all your décor desires. We’ll even custom order the textiles you need to complete your look. Come by our showroom to find the top colours, textures, and patterns for rugs, upholstery, and curtain fabrics in St Francis Bay.





Author: Scribbels Interiors & Design

We are Interior Decorators and Designers working nation wide. We have a showroom in St. Francis Bay and have been involved with decorating for the past 32 years. Our qualified personnel can help you plan and furnish each room in your home. This service can be supplied to a budget specified by you.

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