Curtains, roman blinds, blinds or shutters?


Choosing the correct window covering is essential and with the wide array of options available, it can be a rather challenging task. Things that should be considered when choosing your window coverings include the style of the room, the interior and architectural design of the space, light requirements, your budget and of course, your lifestyle.

If your room gets a lot of natural sunlight, choose window treatments that can control the light entering the room. Lined curtains are ideal for areas like this. Alternatively shutters are also good, as they can block out the light entirely.

If there is a lack of natural light entering a room and it is dark, then the window coverings should be unlined and made from sheer, light weight fabrics in light colours.


If your windows are oddly shaped, then you might have to get the window coverings custom-made to fit your particular window.


Always match the theme of your window dressing to the style of the room.


Window treatments are a fantastic means of adding flair to any interior composition.




Author: Scribbels Interiors & Design

We are Interior Decorators and Designers working nation wide. We have a showroom in St. Francis Bay and have been involved with decorating for the past 32 years. Our qualified personnel can help you plan and furnish each room in your home. This service can be supplied to a budget specified by you.

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