Curtains, roman blinds, blinds or shutters?


Choosing the correct window covering is essential and with the wide array of options available, it can be a rather challenging task. Things that should be considered when choosing your window coverings include the style of the room, the interior and architectural design of the space, light requirements, your budget and of course, your lifestyle.

If your room gets a lot of natural sunlight, choose window treatments that can control the light entering the room. Lined curtains are ideal for areas like this. Alternatively shutters are also good, as they can block out the light entirely.

If there is a lack of natural light entering a room and it is dark, then the window coverings should be unlined and made from sheer, light weight fabrics in light colours.


If your windows are oddly shaped, then you might have to get the window coverings custom-made to fit your particular window.


Always match the theme of your window dressing to the style of the room.


Window treatments are a fantastic means of adding flair to any interior composition.





Add elegance and romance to your room with exquisite window treatments…

Full Turnkey Interior Service
Scribbels Interiors offers a full turnkey service as well as the designing of specific area. We offer a complete interior design of your space, from inception, to implementation, to completion.

Soft Furnishes
We will assist you by providing options for your soft finishes including fabric choices, window treatments, headboards, ottomans, chairs, sofas and scatter cushions etc.

Custom Made Furniture
We custom design all furniture uniquely to your specific requirements and lifestyle. Ranging from: corner units, sofas, chairs, ottomans, TV units, coffee tables, side tables, pedestals, dressing tables, dining room tables and chairs, headboards, anything else you may require.

Cloud 9 and Rest Assured.

Bed Linen, Duvet Cover, Quilts and Basecovers:
Duvet covers, bed linen and basecovers especially for new larger sized beds, our speciality being our quilted basecover which do not move. We can supply you with silk bedding.

Curtains, Blinds, Shutters, Roman Blinds
We offer you curtain and blind window furnishing solutions for your home that mirror your unique sense of style and complement your lifestyle. Custom-made curtains, Roman Blinds, Blinds, Shutters.

Curtain Tracks, Rods, Pyramid Pelmets and Halfrounds
Many different types and styles of tracks and rods are available. Double curtain tracks are designed to allow voiles and other sheers or blockout to hang behind curtains…A wide variety of attractive brackets, finials and curtain rings are available.


Wallpaper and Vinyl’s
Professional wallpaper and vinyl installation


For the perfect finish we hand pick accessories including antiques, rugs, art and framing.

Picture and Mirror framing
Picture framing, original art works and art prints. Framing of Mirrors

Specifying and Sourcing Items
We specify and source any item required. These items include: cutlery, crockery, décor accessories, linen, rugs and much more.

Outdoor furniture
Patio sets, Dining sets and Loungers – We specify and source items required.

Choosing Fabrics, Rugs, Wallpaper from samples at our showroom
We offer sample books of Designer Fabrics from quality companies, such as:
Ash, Biggie Best, Black Fabric, Design Team, Eshanima, Fabric Library, Halogen, Hertex Fabrics, Home fabrics, Lula Fabrics, Mavromac, Papini, Prestigious Textiles, St Leger & Viney, Stuart Graham Fabrics, U & G Fabrics, What Not Natural Fabrics, Wolfe Street Fabrics and a few other companies.

Staging Houses:
On numerous occasions prospective sellers have approached Scribbels Interiors to ‘stage’ or decorate their home in order to make them more attractive to the buyer. We found that this initiative proved extremely successful. After our decorative intervention the home all sold within three weeks. In one particular instance the home sold within a week after having been on the market for four years.

Services Provided:
Stage a few rooms in the house e.g. lounge, dining room and a bedroom.
Decorate the entire house before selling.
Use existing furniture and provide a “houselift”.
All installations will be monitored on a regular basis.
Should existing furniture prove to be “unusable: it will be stored and use our own furniture utilized.

Add elegance and romance to your room with exquisite window treatments…

Our custom-made curtains, roman blinds, and soft furnishings add value as well as beauty to your home.
We’re committed to going the extra mile to ensure complete satisfaction with our products and the adornment of your room.

Our custom-made curtains have the striking ability to a room – fitting your windows perfectly, based on your measurements. You can choose from an optional selection of chic heading styles.

We offer unlimited choices of lovely fabrics in beautiful colours and patterns to suit your décor – formal or casual, traditional or contemporary, florals, fashion stripes and patterns, neutrals, etc.

You can also choose a suitable curtain lining to get the right level of light for your room.

Our friendly and professional team is ready to listen to your ideas and advise you on a curtain and blind solution to fit your needs – or give a free quote.

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Sun_Gibeon-PhotographySun — Sunlight is one of the most important factors to consider when designing a home. Improperly sighting a home without regard to sun can lead to glare, overheated spaces, sun damage or dark and gloomy interiors. Mapping out the sun’s path on your site can inform you about what times of the day spaces may need shading, how the surrounding environment will affect the site, as well as what places will be best for outdoor living.



Views — Although every home may not be blessed with sweeping views of a beautiful landscape, each site still has its unique surroundings to take into account.  Whether it is framing small focused views in an urban setting, or designing floor-to-ceiling windows towards a mountain vista, it is important to highlight the best aspect of the site and make the home feel grounded to its unique location. Just as important as good views are bad views. Simple design changes can screen neighboring homes, roadways or any other eyesores.



Wind — Although wind is a bit more unpredictable than the sun, it is a factor that can really make or break a home. In warmer climates, it is important to site a home so cross-breezes will flow during the hot months, whereas in cold climates you may want to buffer the wind with landscape to reduce heating bills. No matter where you live, some forethought about wind will enhance your outdoor living spaces, reduce energy costs and even help with maintenance!


Wind2_David-Patterson-PhotographySound — Anyone who has ever been woken up by the garbage truck in the morning knows that noise can cause a damper on daily living. Make sure to visit your site at different times of the day to determine the main sources of noise pollution.  Proper siting of quiet spaces, such as bedroom vs public spaces, or even kitchens can help prevent some of the tolls on daily life. Additionally, landscaping, high-quality windows and sound insulating can make a huge difference.




When it comes to Coffee and Side Tables, we can offer a wide variety of different shapes, sizes and styles in solid wood, custom made to suit your needs.


Our custom made Coffee and Side Tables can be made from a wide range of different types of wood. The type of wood that you decide to go for, effects the look of the Coffee or Side Table.


They may be ordered with shelves (ideal for storing those unread magazine archives)







Consider a nest of tables for smaller spaces, or an ottoman that doubles up as extra seating and a comfortable footrest extension for your favourite couch.



Our styles are based on the latest trends within the market as well as customer taste.


Designed (where possible) to fit under, or alongside our tables they are efficient and space-saving too. Keep a couple around the house for that extra seating when you need it.

Efficient seating

We make benches to complement most of our dining table ranges both indoor and out.




All products may be custom sized to meet your requirements.



We have a growing range of chairs includes over 20 different options and designs.

Upholstered, solid wood, strap woven or riempie seated – or a combination of any of these means there is bound to be something suitable for you.

Please, take a seat. Only the choice may be difficult!

Stylish, practical and contemporary, a corner sofa can be the best starting point while decorating your living room


The furniture you choose for your living room should be comfortable and reflect your style.


The sofa is the most important piece in a living room, no matter how big or small the space is. It’s the spot where you relax with a cup of coffee, watch a good movie, get some work done, hang out with guests or take a nice weekend nap.


A Corner Sofa is a functional alternative to a sofa because it offers extra seating and lounge space. Just because you have a small living room doesn’t mean you can’t have a corner unit. In fact, a perfectly sized modular sectional may be the best option. What else would you do with that corner, anyway? Might as well make it extra seating.

Anneke Swart (8)

Stylish, practical and contemporary, a corner sofa can be the best starting point while decorating your living room. You can add two armchairs and an ottoman or another classic couch to complete your furnishing. If you don’t have enough room for all, you can only have a corner and an ottoman. You see, it is possible


Upholstery and furniture which can be ordered and made to your specifications.


Choosing fabrics is a big part of any interior decor & design project.


Fabrics work double-duty in any design project. You don’t only consider the look of the material, but also the feel and durability. After all, you will be touching most items you cover in fabric, and you don’t want a texture that leaves guests mumbling that they’re more comfortable standing than sitting on your beautiful but impractical sofa.


Obviously, delicate fabrics are not the best choice for high-use furniture. Fortunately, when you’re decorating in the style of a particular period, those styles typically include fabrics that stand up to time in both beauty and quality.


Choosing fabrics is a big part of any interior decorating project. You’ll need textilesIMG_4193_smlYou’ll need textiles for your rugs, your furniture upholstery, and your curtains. And, when you want high-end style, it helps to know which fabrics complement the time period you are trying to evoke.

Gauging Look and Feel

One unfortunate trend in modern textiles is mass production that lends itself to cheaper quality. The result is fabric that looks quite similar to traditional textiles but that will not stand up to use as well as their ancestors. This is why it’s so important to be informed about fabric quality and to work with a well-respected professional.


Thread count—  This number indicates how tightly the fabric is woven. In general, higher thread counts mean higher quality, longer-lasting materials. Of course, you’ll need to take into consideration the type of fabric, since thread count varies between, for instance, silk and cotton. And, some fabrics, like leather, do not have a thread count at all.

Materials—  You’ll find many look-alikes in the world of synthetic fabrics, but natural textiles are where true luxury lies. Natural fibres generally have both a better look and feel. Additionally, when decorating in period style, natural fibres provide a more authentic finish.

Feel—  Touch every fabric you are considering buying. If you can’t touch it first, then don’t get it. Remember, you will likely be touching this material often, whether it is for curtains or furniture, or sinking your bare feet into a lush rug. Even if the material will be used for a less frequented room in your house, you don’t want to enter a luxuriously designed room, sit down, and find the material unpleasant.

At Scribbels Interiors we source the best fabrics in the world for all your décor desires. We’ll even custom order the textiles you need to complete your look. Come by our showroom to find the top colours, textures, and patterns for rugs, upholstery, and curtain fabrics in St Francis Bay.