Curtains, Blinds or Shutters


When it comes to window treatments, the options largely fall into two camps: blinds and curtains. As with most home decor decisions, choosing between them is a matter of personal preference and specifics of the room in question. After all, there are certainly pros and cons to both. While blinds tend to be more affordable and precise in light control, curtains can add instant style and cozy textures to a space.


(Blinds are also easier to clean, technically, but that just means they must be cleaned more often—though that means they’re cleaner at any given moment than curtains…ideally)


Shutters add an element of traditional beauty to most homes they grace. Installing shutters usually involves a sizeable investment; however, it is well worth it if you can afford it. They are very versatile window coverings, as not only are they functional with regards to insulation, privacy, light control and décor aesthetics, but they also have the benefit of being able to make any home that much more secure and if well maintained, they can last a lifetime.


Curtains are by far the most popular option as they are very versatile, easy to make, operate, fit and maintain.





The old heart of the home …


If one item of furniture is traditionally the heart of the home, it must surely be the dining room table.


So many memories are created during meals with family and friends that it’s no wonder we see more care taken, and more debate over dining table selection than almost any other item..


Rectangular, square or round – combine elements from different ranges and get the table that YOU want.


All products may be custom sized to meet your requirements



When it comes to Coffee and Side Tables, we can offer a wide variety of different shapes, sizes and styles in solid wood, custom made to suit your needs.


Our custom made Coffee and Side Tables can be made from a wide range of different types of wood. The type of wood that you decide to go for, effects the look of the Coffee or Side Table.


They may be ordered with shelves (ideal for storing those unread magazine archives)







Consider a nest of tables for smaller spaces, or an ottoman that doubles up as extra seating and a comfortable footrest extension for your favourite couch.



Our styles are based on the latest trends within the market as well as customer taste.


Designed (where possible) to fit under, or alongside our tables they are efficient and space-saving too. Keep a couple around the house for that extra seating when you need it.

Efficient seating

We make benches to complement most of our dining table ranges both indoor and out.




All products may be custom sized to meet your requirements.



We have a growing range of chairs includes over 20 different options and designs.

Upholstered, solid wood, strap woven or riempie seated – or a combination of any of these means there is bound to be something suitable for you.

Please, take a seat. Only the choice may be difficult!

WE CUSTOM DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE FURNITURE For that piece of furniture that you been dreaming of and just can’t find – we will custom design, manufacture and install it with expertise.


We specialise in the manufacturing of high quality wooden furniture in various timbers available Oak, Havea, Ash with a Monocoat finish. Monocoat is 100% VOC-FREE, water resistant (and, therefore, suitable for kitchens and bathroom

“It’s about you. We take care to understand your lifestyle and home needs, designing your new home from the inside out.”



Scribbels Interiors believes that design and ambiance make a definite contribution to our client’s competitive edge. Interior design projects commissioned from Scribbels Interiors are investments, pure and simple.


Our mission at Scribbels Interiors is to understand our client needs then optimise the design and function.


We are also able to offer competitive savings to our clients should they select us to do the turnkey installation.


We take care to understand your lifestyle, family and home needs, designing your new home from the inside out while ensuring that your individual taste and lifestyle are at the core of your home design


At the end, we know you will enjoy working with us….